Official WhitePaper

Designed specifically for the Continental Ecosystem

At the heart of Continental is a fast, scalable and future-oriented commerce infrastructure (CTL Economics) based on the Continental blockchain. This infrastructure, on which decentralized applications and multi-purpose platforms will be built as Continental Blockchain is. It will be used by all those who are serious about doing business using Blockchain technology.

We believe that Continental - with its components Blockchain PoC, Web3, Card, Mobile Daps, Support AI, Game Project MetaContinental - is a more complete and revolutionary concept of the new stage of development of blockchain technologies and therefore it deserves your attention in the form of this accompanying Whitepaper and the main review that follows.

Please read our Whitepaper for our advanced Continental Blockchain concept layer, the more powerful and technological level of the Continental Ecosystem. And please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have at

Designed specifically for the Continental Ecosystem


"I believe this white paper will inspire you to join Continental" Ceo Sulaiev Serhii