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Pay for purchases contactlessly, quickly and safely


Choose the right Continental™ card solution

Our solutions ensure the operation of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges with a reliable API

Virtual and physical cards
In order to make payments in digital currencies, the Continental ecosystem instantly issues a virtual card to the user while he waits for the physical card with the logo to be delivered by mail. Physical card supports NFC technology
Programmable settings
Issue cards with a full set of controls, such as allowing external transactions, blocking the card, re-issuing lost cards, MCC restrictions, pin control and more. Customize what you want your users to have access to on-demand
KYC Requirements Readiness
Continental processes all of the KYC and identity verification requirements for each region that are associated with you with a single API call. Customers can use our licenses and / or banking partner licenses to get all the access needed to get started
Real-time access

Get full control of your Continental transactions with our real-time authorization solution

Create logic to approve / reject scenarios at your discretion with full control of card transactions and authorization flows, allowing you to make real-time decisions on each write-off

Contactless payment technology
Shop with Continental® contactless technology. All bank cards are stored on your device. Payment is instantaneous due to the technology of seamless modeling of SPV chains with super simple and ultra-fast synchronized Blackchain CTL
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SPV Circuit Simulation Technology

To achieve a new level of interoperability, Continental has created an embedded SPV chain simulation technology to enable seamless interchain communication and two-way binding without trust between different blockchains and incomplete Turing blockchains

Developers of different blockchains can simply replicate existing dApps and deploy replications to Continental, using a Continental Mobile wallet or other storage methods, such as MetaMask, Truffle, Remix, Trust, as well as other familiar development tools

Continental's developer incentive program creates passive income streams for contract developers. By reconfiguring the gas distribution model to the direct payment for gas to both network maintenance personnel and developers of decentralized applications, Continental will ultimately contribute to strengthening the Continental ecosystem and other compatible blockchain systems as a whole

The Continental Card is designed to help changing business and developer preferences. Upgradeable contracts allow developers and businesses to improve their applications over time; Stable / commission-free transactions ensure that applications will work even with sudden jumps in network activity; WebAssembly support ensures that developers who do not work with cryptocurrency can quickly connect to it; Onchain management mechanisms provide management based on network contribution and reputation