Developers and users can independently verify the ultra-fast transfer of data and assets to Continental, which is the fastest, safest and the most reliable blockchain in the world


Continental blockchain has a fixed size of 88 GB

The uniqueness of the Continental ecosystem

The uniqueness also lies in the fact that you can almost instantly make changes to the seamless chain of SPV blocks without confirming the entire network. Other blockchains have many drawbacks. Due to the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, where the transfer of funds is executed in as many as three different transactions, funds are withdrawn from one, then the network is confirmed and only then they are transferred to another account. This is inconvenient and transactions are extremely slow and costly

Continental (CTL) is working to ensure that large financial companies around the world work CTL coins just like with a normal currency. There is also a huge potential of this cryptocurrency in countries where banking structures are poorly developed

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Conversion rate (POC)

Continental is a true leader: >100,000 conversions per second

The Continental project's efficiency includes, among other things, the speed of operations in the system per second

It is the first blockchain technology without transactions. This is what allows the blockchain to show the fastest conversion rate. Instead of spending time and fees on a traditional transaction, Continental blockchain converts (replaces) the data of the block owner

The Continental ecosystem will create tremendous competition for existing payment systems and blockchains, as the Proof-of-OwNer Conversion (POC) consensus mechanism technology within the Continental network is a true leader generating >100,000 conversions per second even under peak load conditions!

For example, the Bitcoin network processes less than 100 payments per second, and Ethereum – about 200. Even traditional payment systems such as VISA, MC, and SWIFT process no more than 20,000 transactions per second


Other Blockchains are complex and slow

Developers and users are interested in gaining direct access to blockchains without intermediaries. Continental Blockchain has a fixed size of 88 GB. Developers and users can quickly gain direct access to the blockchain, test its operation and fully appreciate the advantages that make Continental the fastest, safest and most reliable blockchain in the world


Strong players require user data

Users have no control and no alternative to transferring their data in exchange for participation in the modern world


Continental allows users to control their data

Users can prove facts about their data without revealing details even to the counterparties requesting them


Continental confidentially interacts with any site

Anyone can use real-world data in computing and decision-making to change the way we live and work, not compromising privacy

CRC0 standard functions

The CRC0 standard includes 6 mandatory functions and 3 optional ones. Developers do not oblige, but recommend using additional functions when creating a token. The list of required features includes:
6 must-have features
  • TotalSupply
    Definition of the number of tokens is fixed and has a fixed size. If the maximum is reached, the smart contract stops issuing them. Additional generation is not possible! Continental network has a fixed size of 88GB
  • BalanceOf
    The balance of CRC0 standard tokens in the Continental network has a fixed initial supply of 81 mil. The owner is changed by changing it (conversion). Any network user has the right to assign or exchange their active interest in CTL tokens within the Continental network
  • Transfer
    The initial generation of a new owner occurs by transferring assets from the primary (zero) address, and subsequent transfers - by replacing
  • Conversions From
    Source address of the replacement (conversion). Replacement of user funds within the network
  • Approve
    User replacement approval occurs without the entire network confirming. Checking the availability of tokens for a smart contract is not required
  • Allowance
    Checking the balance on the owner's account is not required and occurs automatically
3 additional features recommended for use:
  • Name — name of the token
  • Decimal — number of decimal didgets
  • Symbol — on-net user fingerprint

Thanks to these functions, a single base for the distribution of tokens in the network was created, which allowed wallet developers and exchanges to cooperate with all contracts of the CRC0 protocol

The unification of standard functions within the Continental network has greatly simplified the development of CRC0 standard tokens


Main advantages of blockchain with POC technology:

  • Throughput >100,000 conversions, infinite tps with parallel subnets
  • Safety threshold - 95% (parameterized)
  • Sybil Protection - Proof of Change of Ownership
  • Number of Validators – Millions of Nodes
  • Energy Efficiency - CPU-Optimal
  • Replacement confirmation (no transaction) – speed less than 1 sec.

Continental provides users with a huge block conversion rate on its blockchain. Block replacement is a fundamentally new blockchain technology for consensus conversions based on the Proof-of-OwNer Conversion or (POC) algorithm. Avoiding transactions and switching to block replacement - Continental is changing the approach to using cryptocurrency!

Version Continental Proof-of-OwN 2.0
Checked Blocks
Testnet PoO 0,111111
Unverified blocks
Database size
88.01 GB
1 month
CPU Usage
Memory (used / total)
00000.1GB / 88.01GB
Donations: Continental_1xjnfyrn2auhfn9u88rzznfhyw3zxyky4eyeiqia5rb6xy7saufprwzder8
Speed test CTL
Node start
Donations: Continental_1xjn………zder8

An example of a standard transaction on the Ethereum network

use gas -50 use gas -30

Continental Blockchain

The simplest and most reliable blockchain in the world, managed by participants

  • benfits-icon
    Size of the entire chain

    The size of the entire chain is and always will be about 88 GB, even when scaling

    User can connect to site

    Each user is a full node and can connect to a peer

  • benfits-icon
    Scure and reliable

    Really decentralized, secure and reliable, without intermediaries

    Any volunteer

    Anyone can participate in the consensus


Continental blockchain is a new type of decentralized blockchain based on cryptography

Continental Blockchain - децентрализованный блокчейн нового типа, основанный на криптографии

Using the Continental blockchain, users can create tokens of the updated CRC0 standard (Continental Request Conversions

New tokens can be integrated into the blockchain either through cross-conversions using exchanges and the ERC20 temporary transitional standard, or directly in the blockchain

There is complete freedom of action with tokens: the ability to quickly add, remove, move them between wallets and networks

Inside the Continental blockchain protocol, there is a set of rules by which all conversions and on-chain tokens of the CRC0 standard work. As well as alternative tokens with cross-support for ERC20 or BEP20, created inside the Continental blockchain network based on the Proof of Conversion algorithm

List of problems solved by the new standard:

Previously it was necessary to write new code to create a new token. Continental protocol has a type generic transformation contract (Fork) generated, so no programming skills are needed to create new contracts

Speed of the tokens exchange has been significantly increased, which is key in terms of the rapid development of the crypto industry and growth in the number of users

Main user requests and needs are realized in a single Continental ecosystem

After the implementation of the CRC0 standard, developers will not need to create new standards for tokens compatibility with the exchanger, blockchain, wallet and Dapps every time, as this will already be available in the standard functions of the CRC0 universal contract

  • 1. Confidentiality

    Unprecedented privacy by verifying and sharing evidence with the network rather than the data itself

  • 2. Versatility

    Can connect to other cryptocurrencies via simple full-node security bridges

  • 3. Simplicity

    Can access verified data from the real world from any website for use in the network

  • 4. Efficiency

    Data and logic offline make big computing fast and free

Individual internet entry gateway


Users can access any website or service on the Internet privately and individually, without creating an account, registering and transferring their personal data. Instead, they are securely logged in with a CTL unit. No centralized service provider can block them. And developers from different networks can integrate this private and secure access into their services

Continental is a blockchain with a proof of ownership based on cryptography, which allows to trade derivatives in a decentralized network with advantages comparable to centralized exchanges

Using a blockchain optimized for efficient capital trading, along with Ethereum and other general-purpose chains, Continental can fairly process and manage risks on millions of trades per minute, designed for assets such as Ether, BTC and standard tokens USDT, USDС, ERC20. The commission is charged only when making transactions, and you can send, cancel and change limit orders